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In progress: "Private Pool - Wood Ducks"

Woodduck painting

I started this oil painting in February and now am finally getting close to finishing. More so than any of the other ducks, Wood Ducks often seek out small hidden waters deep in the woods.

2022-2023 Federal Duck Stamp - Redheads

2022-2023 Federal Duck Stamp - Redheads
Prints available soon

Cardinal painting

"Cardinals and Cedar"

Canvasback painting

"Fall Winds"

Solitude Loons painting

"Solitude - Loons"

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white tail deer running

"Breaking Cover"
"Breaking Cover"

 lab puppies

Lab pups & Decoy


 "Autumn Wood Ducks"
Though not easy, this was a fun painting to work on. Wood Ducks are so spectacular but often, in their
natural settings, they aren't as colorful as their surroundings.                                                            

Woodduck painting


"Green Jays "

On a recent trip to south Texas I saw my first green jays. Here is the painting that resulted from that encounter.

Green Jays painting

Here's another painting inspired by the same trip. Prints of this painting will be used this year to raise funds for the conservation group Quail Forever.

Quail painting


2011-2012 Federal Duck Stamp

We are currently taking orders and getting ready for July 15th, which is the release date for this year's Duck Stamp print. Click here for a complete brochure.

2011-2012 Federal Duck Stamp Painting


"Facing the Challenge" Elk

This idea came from the many trips I've taken to western Montana. The scene is right where we usually pitch our wall tent.

Jim Hautman Elk painting



Bob White Quail

I have only seen Bobwhite Quail once in Minnesota, but I've seen many down in Texas. That is where the quail reference for this piece came from. I found the old wagon up in Little Falls MN. Quail are my favorite of the upland gamebirds, they have lots of attitude and personality.

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