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    October, 2016

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 2016-17 Federal DUck Stamp

March, 2016

I have been working on a swan painting. I am hoping that the lower part will be used as the background of the PSA version of  this year's duck stamp, and the overall painting will likely form the basis of a poster commemorating the appearance of Trumpeter Swans on the Federal Duck stamp.
Trumpeter Swan painting.
Otherwise, I've been gearing up for the release of the 2016-2017 duck stamp print.

October, 2015

The brothers and I did well in the Federal Duck Stamp contest this year.  I got first place, Bob was second and Jim third!

Here is the winning design, Trumpeter Swans, inspired by the amazing recovery of trumpeter swans over the last couple of decades. Click the image for a time-lapse video of the painting as it was being created.

Trumpeter Swans on the Duck Stamp


February, 2015

Some recent paintings...

Monarchs and Blazing Star:
 Monarch painting

"Cedar Waxings"
  Cedar Waxwing painting

and the finished "Mallards Rising"
  Mallard painting

(The mallards and the waxwing painting will be debuted at the Decoys and Wildlife Gallery in New Jersey starting 2/22/2015)

June 2, 2014

Some other paintings that are close to being finished:

sharptail grouse painting mallard painting ibis painting

June 2, 2014

This is a songbird tryptich now, since I have painted a team of referees to sit in the middle:

songbird tryptich

update Feb.2015: Joining the party are some Titmouses Tufted Titmouse painting

February 20 , 2014

A few recent paintings:

These two were painted as a pair. Perhaps a political debate is taking place between the blue on the left and red on the right.

Blue JaysCardinal Pair


This one was an study in grays. The original is not really just grayscale, but has subtle variations from warm grays in the foreground to to cooler grays in the background.

Backroads horse

This long winter is making me want to think about spring. With this fox painting I wanted to capture the sense of these wide-eyed kits emerging together from their burrow amazed by a world they have never seen before.

Fox Kits painting


May, 2013



January 27 , 2013

Further along...........then finished and varnished February 7th.

deer at sunrise paintingarrowblue jay painting

January 25 , 2013

I am working on a little blue jay painting. At this point it is just a sketch really, but the attitude of the birds is already established, I think.

deer at sunrise painting

January 23 , 2013

This is painted on canvas and is 24 X 48 inches which is large for me. Maybe because of that is less detailed than usual, but I think it is nearly finished. (Notice that the frozen lake has thawed out in the final version.)

deer at sunrise painting

January 4 , 2013

I am working on a scenic painting with deer. Here is a quick animation of my progress so far:

sunrise deer painting



September, 2012

I have a new wood duck painting. It was fun painting the female of the species which I think is quite beautiful in a subtle way that compliments the bright colors and strong pattern of the male.

Wood duck pair

July 9, 2012


federal duck stampThanks to all of you who came to the July 29th First Day of Sale for the 2012-2013 Federal Duck Stamp.

Next up is the the Home State Ceremony and Clays Shoot to help celebrate Minnesota's leading role in Federal Duck Stamp art.


  All images Joseph Hautman

June 6, 20122012-2013 Federal Duck Stamp

The release date for the 2012-2013 Federal Duck Stamp print will be July 9th, 2012. You can order them through your local art gallery, or our list of authorized dealers, or directly from me.

The nationwide First Day of Sale for the 2012-2013 Federal Duck Stamp will be Friday, June 29 at the Bass Pro Shop in Hampton, Va.

And on Saturday, July 14 all are invited to the Home State Ceremony and Clays Shoot to help celebrate Minnesota's leading role in Federal Duck Stamp art at the South St. Paul Rod and Gun Club.

April 18, 2012

I will be in the Washington, DC area this weekend to Judge the National Junior Duck Stamp contest. It's always fun to see the amazing work of the young artists.

March 1 , 2012

I am working on a bluebird painting. Another one with blue morning glories. For some reason I started this with an orange background, but you can see that very little of the orange has survived.

bluebird painting bluebird painting

January 27 , 2012


Pandas! The title is "Chillin Out", but that is not a beer can in the one bear's hand. And the other one is just chewing on a stick.

November 15 , 2011

Lucky enough to win another federal duck stamp contest! I saw the other top entries last weekend at the Easton, MD Waterfowl Festival...had to feel that there were a few others that could have won on a different day. Thank you to all who stopped by in Easton. I'll be in San Bernardino Nov. 19 & 20 for their wildlife art festival .